feast of rosesTitle : The Feast Of Roses

Author : Indu Sunderesan

ISBN-10 : 0743456416

ISBN-13 : 978-0743456418

Paperback : 416 pages

The Plot :

The sequel to ‘The Twentieth Wife’, ‘The Feast of Roses’ by Indu Sunderesan is all about how Mehrunnnisa establishes herself as the most important wife of Jahangir. Set 1611, this books is the second in the Taj trilogy. At the end of the last book, Jahangir marries Mehrunnisa, making her his 20th wife. All his other marriages were for political reasons and only this, his latest, is for love.

Using his love as a tool at her disposal Mehrunnisa, given the title ‘Nur Jahan’ by Jahangir, culls out a place for herself in history as one of the most powerful empresses in the Mughal Empire. Over a seventeen year marriage, she becomes the Emperor in all but name of the vast Mughal Empire. Although hidden behind a veil and the walls of the Mughal harem of the king, Mehrunnisa assumes the powers of sovereignty that her husband willingly bestows on her.

She uses his deep and obsessive love fro her and immense trust that he places in her to gain the power to be able to mint coins in her name, issue farmaans ( imperial orders) and construct tombs and monuments that are considered some of the landmarks of the Mughal Dynasty in India. All this power was something she had to fight for.

This books talks about the means that she used to gain this power and position including using her daughter (from a previous marriage) as a pawn in her battle for power. From the very get go she has strong enemies like Empress Jagat Gosini (one of the other wives of Jaganhir) within the harem and ministers outside it. She deals with clever plots by them to destroy the kings affections for her and uses them to increase her position in the harem to the most important wife of the king.

In turn she forms an alliance of sorts with her father, brother and Prince Khurram (Jahangir’s son from another marriage). As the author describes it “Through it all, Mehrunnisa demonstrates strength of character and cunning to get what she wants. The woman who fretted about life’s absurdities, with few resources to change them in The Twentieth Wife, finds full expression to her character and personality in The Feast of Roses.”

All in all it is a wonderful book. Filled with political intrigue, schemes and plans and the resourcefulness of one woman, it makes for an excellent read. Like the previous book the descriptions and amazing and the language flows so smoothly. In a word Unputdownable.


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