separation-of-powerTitle : The Separation Of Power

Author : Vince Flynn

ISBN-10 : 1416516360

ISBN-13 : 978-1416516361

Paperback : 448 pages

The Plot :

Mitch Rapp is back in the action packed fifth instalment of the Mitch Rapp series by Vince Flynn called ‘The Separation of Power’.  The CIA is up for new leadership with the retirement and death of former director. Dr. Irene Kennedy is all set to be nominated to take over, but some corrupt politicos from Washington want a different candidate to head the secret organization so that they can control the flow of top secret information. With this goal in mind they try to derail Kennedy’s career and the term of the American President, Robert Hayes.

At the same time, America is faced with a challenge that could have adverse effects in the world. Israeli intelligence, Mossad, has discovered that Iraq is all set to join the nuclear race and looks to America for help. They have their own motives in the whole situation at hand. With two weeks to disable the nuclear weapons, America has to do so with utmost discretion as they have discovered some important information leaks within the CIA. Their only option : top counter terrorism operative of the CIA, Mitch Rapp.

With the help of the Navy, Air-Force, Marines and the Army, Mitch Rapp comes up with a plan to not just destroy the nuclear facility but to do it without any causality, co-lateral damage and a plan to bring the warheads safely back to America as proof.

With a nail biting finish and a range of emotions, the book is action packed from page one. With politics and secret service missions and World War III looming, it makes for a very interesting read. I loved the book and give it 5 stars.


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