The Best Laid PlansTitle : The Best Laid Plans

Author : Sidney Sheldon

ISBN-10: 0006510558

ISBN-13 : 978-0006510550

Paperback : 343 pages

The Plot :

One of the best books by Sidney Sheldon’s ‘The Best Laid Plans’ is an amazing combination of three powerful storylines involving Washington politics, a jilted woman’s revenge and the war in Bosnia, tied to each other. Set in US and Sarajevo, this book follows Oliver Russell, who has ambitions of becoming the president of the United States, Leslie Stewart, a woman who will stop at nothing to destroy Oliver in his quest to take revenge for what he did to her and Dana Evans, a reporter who goes to Sarajevo to cover the war and how it deeply impacts her life after.

The book starts with a journal entry by Leslie Stuart where she writes ‘Dear Diary: This morning I met the man I am going to marry.’ It was a simple entry but by the end of the first chapter she has been so jilted that she vows to destroy that man. In her journal entry she was talking about Oliver, who she meets when he as a famous attorney hires her to help with some PR work when he plans to run for governor. They fall in love and are soon engaged. A week before their wedding, Oliver has to go to Paris for some business, and the next thing she hears is a reporter calling her to tell her that Oliver has married the daughter of an influential senator in hopes to further his career.

She is humiliated everywhere she goes with people whispering about her situation and reporters hounding her to find out more details of the story. It is then that she decides to completely destroy Oliver and his career. She starts by courting a rich media mogul and soon is married to him. With his death she becomes the owner of his vast empire of newspapers and publications. She gets involved with running and expanding the empire, acquiring more newspapers and soon establishes herself as one of the largest publishing empires in the world.

We also see reporter Dana Evans and her rise to famous war correspondent with WTE, one of the companies owned by Leslie. She goes into war stricken Sarajevo, to report stories how the brutalities of the war and make a difference by telling the stores to people across the world. Soon she establishes a deep relationship with one of the orphan boys in Sarajevo and helps him escape to safety. She is blames of espionage and is arrested in Bosnia. Using the powers of the now President, Oliver Russell, they get her released from prison and back to the US. She is indebted to the president and soon starts working as the White House correspondent of WTE.

We see Oliver Russell, as a idealistic but lecherous president and how Leslie is planning to use that to destroy him. With a couple of deaths around Oliver Russell due to the toxicity of Liquid Ecstasy, a dangerous aphrodisiac that Leslie was once asked to consume by him, she is convinced he is behind all the deaths. When she is convinced it is Oliver who is behind these murders, she goes on to publish the news of his arrest before it is confirmed. Dana Evans then unmasks the real culprit, while the president reveals a shocking secret.

It is a highly engrossing story, and with its plot twists makes for an excellent read. As is put on the back cover it is “a tale of two equally determined people headed on a collision course. Oliver has a strategy to win the White House; Leslie has a scheme to make him wish he’d never been born. They both should have known that even the best laid plans can go dangerously astray and have deadly consequences.” All in all a classic Sidney Sheldon, fast paced, made of TV novel. Definitely worth a read.


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