Title : The Quickie

Author : James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

ISBN-10 : 044619896X

ISBN-13 : 978-0446198967

Paperback : 384 pages

The Plot :

Another amazing book by James Patterson, ‘The Quickie’ is the story of Lauren Stillwell. She is married to Paul Stillwell and they had been having marital problems for a couple of years. One day, during his lunch hour, she sees him get into a car with a younger blond and go to the St. Regis Hotel. When she asks him about his lunch hour he looks her in the eyes and lies about being at his desk drowning in work. She is utterly devastated and convinced he is having an affair. She in turn decides to do the same and sleeps with NYPD detective Scott, on a night when Paul tells her he has to go for a business trip to Washington DC.

When Scott decides to go buy some groceries to cook Lauren dinner after they have slept together, he is brutally murdered and his body dumped in a car trunk. Lauren sees this from the window and is convinced the killer was her husband Paul. She comes home to find him drunk and sitting naked on their front porch. A couple of hours later she gets a call from her boss telling her that Scott’s body was found in a fountain and he was brutally murdered.

Her quickie with Scott was a secret that she was convinced no one else knew about, and surely enough no one suspects anything. She becomes the lead investigator on the case. Throughout the investigation she discovers multiple facts that suggest Paul’s involvement in the crime including bloody clothes and a gun. She tries her best to save Paul and tries to convict someone else instead.

She soon discovers that Scott was working undercover, to build up a case against two drug dealers Victor and Mark Ordonez. She decides they would be the idea scape goats for her. With all her skills and connections she manages to destroy all evidence that may point to her and Paul’s involvement and lands up convincing everyone that Scott was murdered because his cover as an undercover cop was blown and manages to prove the involvement of the Ordonez brothers. In a violent pursuit, she manages to Kill Victor and is shot in the process.

During her recovery, she decides to tell Paul of her indiscretion and thinks that she would convince him to come clean to her as well. Instead, he tell her about how he has been meeting with a head hunter all this time at St. Regis Hotel and has bagged a new job that pays him thrice his current earnings. She is stunned and decides not to tell him about her quickie with Scott. At the same time there is some new evidence in the case that proves Pauls involvement in the murder and another robbery in Washington DC couple of years ago. Unsure of how to deal with this situation, Lauren starts her own investigation to find out the shocking truth.

Full of plot twists, this is a really fast paced book with a nail biting finish. With any James Patterson book, you never know what to expect but are sure to have a really amazing reading experience. Loved this book from start to finish and I highly recommend it.


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