LA 1 PowerTitle : L.A. Connections 1 – Power

Author : Jackie Collins

ISBN-10 : 0671024582

ISBN-13 : 978-0671024581

Paperback : 144 pages

The Plot :

In the first instalment of the 4 book mini series, ‘L.A. Connections 1 – Power’, Jackie Collins introduces us to Freddie Leon, a Hollywood agent extraordinaire. At 46, Freddie is the head and co-owner of I.A.A., International Artists Agents, a company that represents Hollywood talent. Freddie is a legend in Hollywood and one of the most powerful agents. He uses every means necessary to get his way including blackmailing a beautiful actress into honouring a movie deal or sabotaging the co-owner of I.A.A., Max Steele, when he discovers that Max plans to bolt from their jointly owned company.

We also see Madison Castelli, a beautiful journalist who arrives in LA to interview Freddie Leon for a magazine. Madison is a straight shooting, down to earth New Yorker who is intent on making her feature on the infamous Freddie Leon the story of her career. Madison is also interested in doing a piece on prostitution in Hollywood and exposing the Hollywood connections to call girl services.

Kristin Carr is a gorgeous blonde call girl, who works for a high class Hollywood call girl service. Once upon a time Kristin and her sister Cherie came to Hollywood in the hopes of making it big in the movie industry. Sadly, Cherie became involved with a wealthy rich kid from Beverly Hills and ended up in a coma when he fell asleep at the wheel of his sports car. Kristin is determined to get out of the business and vows that after she amasses half a million dollars she will leave the call girl service with enough money to continue taking care of Cherie.

Kristin is hired by a creepy client known only as Mr. X, a man who makes strange sexual requests and never reveals his face to her. Unknown to Kristin, Mr. X is a ruthless killer, one who kills for the mere sport of it. When Kristin meets handsome photographer Jake Sica she starts to believe that she does have a future, but she fears that she’ll lose Jake when he discovers her secret life as a call girl.

The book is very interesting and will leave you wanting more. It cleverly leads into the next book with the introduction of some more characters and plot twists. It is a short quick read without too much time spent on character descriptions etc. At points it does feel like the characters are not well defined but still it makes for an excellent read.


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