LA 2 ObesssionTitle : L.A. Connections 2 – Obsession

Author : Jackie Collins

ISBN-10 : 0671024590

ISBN-13 : 978-0671024598

Paperback : 128 pages

The Plot :

This is the 2nd book in the ‘L.A. Connections’ series by Jackie Collins. It continues where the previous book left off. In the previous book we were introduced to Madison Castelli, a beautiful New York journalist who arrives in L.A. to interview the legendary Hollywood agent, Freddie Leon. Madison is a gutsy woman who uses her integrity and instincts when running a story down.

Madison is staying in L.A. with her best friend, Natalie DeBarge, an African American anchor woman who has a keen interest in everything that goes on in Hollywood. While on the flight to L.A. Madison makes the acquaintance of gorgeous actress Salli T. Turner, a bubble headed blonde with a heart of gold.

Madison decides that while she is in L.A. she’ll do a sit down interview with Salli regarding her experiences in Hollywood. Several hours after the interview Madison is informed that Salli has been murdered in a ghastly way. While Natalie races to the news set to report on Salli’s death, Madison heads to Salli’s house to speak with the officer in charge of the murder investigation. Madison feels that her interview with Salli might have some link to her death.

Meanwhile, Freddie Leon calls out his partner Max Steele during a dinner party at his house when he finds out Max planning to take another job and sell his shares of the company to the highest bidder. Freddie confronts Max and the two have an explosive argument, during which Freddie’s wife, Faye, sides with Max, who she is secretly in love with. Freddie vows to ruin Max before he sees him leave the agency.

Kristin Carr, the beautiful high class call girl, has met and fallen for photographer Jake Sica. Jake is unaware of Kristin’s deadly double life. Although she hates prostituting herself, Kristin is determined to make enough money to care for her comatose sister. Although Kristin despises her encounters with the mysterious and kinky Mr. X, he pays well and is one of her best customers. As Kristen’s encounters with Mr. X become more bizarre and frightening, Kristen tries to break ties with Mr. X. Kristen fears that her budding relationship with Jake will be severed when he realizes the awful truth. And no one is safe as a dangerous killer lurks in the shadows.

Equally fast paced and with umpteen twists, it makes an amazing sequel to the first book. Again it leaves you on the edge of your seat and flows easily into the third book called ‘Murder’. I felt that the story moved at such a fast pace that I didn’t even notice how un- well-formed all the characters were. All in all though it was an excellent read too.


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