LA 3 MurderTitle : L.A. Connections 3 – Murder

Author : Jackie Collins

ISBN-10 : 0671024604

ISBN-13 : 978-0671024604

Paperback : 128 pages

The Plot :

In the third book of the ‘L.A. Connections’ series, called ‘Murder’, Jackie Collins brings in detective Chuck Tucci who is at the center of a headline-grabbing murder case in Hollywood. Blonde bombshell actress Salli T. Turner has been murdered at her palatial estate along with her houseman. The murder sends shock waves throughout Hollywood. Tucci has two suspects in the murder: Bobby Skorch, the philandering husband of Salli and Eddie Stoner, her violent ex-husband.

Journalist Madison Castelli is still reeling over the death of Salli, who Madison interviewed on the day of her murder. Although Madison is in L.A. for the sole purpose of interviewing famed talent agent Freddie Leon, she can’t stop thinking about Salli’s violent demise. A media frenzy erupts in Los Angeles over the murder and Madison’s best friend, Natalie Debarge, a television reporter, is right in the thick of it.

Natalie is a rising television star who is determined to rise through the ranks to the lead anchor position. When another blonde bombshell washes up in the Pacific shores as the result of murder, Natalie smells the story of a lifetime. After doing a little digging herself, she discovers that the murder victim was part of an infamous high class call girl ring.

Meanwhile, Kristin Carr, a high class call girl, has just taken her relationship with photographer Jake Sica to the next level. Kristin is falling in love with Jake but fears that her profession as a hooker will disrupt their budding romance. Kristin’s worst fears are realized when Jake overhears her madam leaving an explicit message for her on her answering machine. Jake, disgusted and shocked by discovering that his lover is a hooker, leaves Kristin and tells her that they have no future together. Embittered by Jake’s rejection, Kristin decides that she will continue her sexual relationship with the kinky and perverted Mr. X., despite all of her instincts about him.

Again moving at break neck speed, this book is a quick read full of excitement. I loved it and am looking forward to the last and final instalment in the series.


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