LA 4 RevengeTitle : L.A. Connections 4 – Revenge

Author : Jackie Collins

ISBN-10 : 0671024612

ISBN-13 : 978-0671024611

Paperback : 144 pages

The Plot :

Kristin Carr, a high class Hollywood call girl, is a hooker with a heart of gold. Forced into a life of prostitution in order to care for her comatose sister, Cherie, Kristin is trying to stockpile enough cash so that she can get out of the call girl business. Rejected by photographer Jake Sica after he discovered her profession, Kristin is filled with self-loathing and apathy.

Kristin decides that against her better instincts she will continue to see the weird Mr. X, one of her clients who pays big bucks for his sick interludes with Kristin. Unknown to Kristin, the body of a call girl has washed up on a California beach. The call girl has been murdered. TV reporter Natalie DeBarge has linked the call girl’s death to the same prostitution service that Kristin works for.

When Kristin arrives at her rendezvous with Mr. X she is kidnapped, blindfolded and held in a deserted shack by the madman. Meanwhile, Detective Chuck Tucci is continuing his investigation into the murder of buxom actress Salli T. Turner. Since Eddie Stoner, her Ex-husband had an abusive relationship in the past with Salli and Bobby, her current husband, was in Vegas with strippers at the time of the murder, both are top suspects.

At Salli’s funeral, Eddie and Bobby engage in a fight during which blows are exchanged and accusations of murder are hurled. Madison Castelli, a journalist, is witness to this. Madison is grieving the death of Salli, who she had interviewed on the day of her death.

When Jake Sica, the photographer who Kristin briefly dated, tries to contact Kristin and fails to reach her, his instincts tell him that she may be in danger. When Jake joins forces with the enterprising Madison, they are forced to realize that Kristin may be Mr. X’s next victim.

The concluding book of the series ties together all loose ends in the story and makes for an amazingly fast paced read. I highly recommend this entire series.


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