Today we speak to Luis A. Colón.

Q) Tell us something about yourself.

I was born in Brooklyn, NY, but grew up in Queens, NY. I am the youngest of eight children born to Puerto Rican parents. I have been an independent filmmaker for several years now. I started working as a production assistant for the HBO TV movie “Subway Stories” in 1996 where I learned a great deal having worked with many talented filmmakers such as Spike Lee, Abel Ferrera, Ted Demme, etc…

I graduated with a B.A in film production from Hunter College in New York City. During my time at Hunter College I worked as a grip/electric and director of photography on numerous short film projects as well as some independent feature films.

After graduating from college I wrote three feature length screenplays, which I have been trying to produce.

 Q) Tell us about your latest book. Why do you think the readers will like it?

My latest book is called The Eldronian Gerye. It is a fast pace sci-fi/action story about a young girl who discovers that she is an alien with a destiny. She quickly learns that she must fulfill her destiny in order to save earth from an impending alien invasion.

 Q) How did you come up with the title of the book?

The title came about because I wanted something that gave some sort of intrigue to it. The word Gèrye came to my attention while I was doing research for words I hadn’t heard of before. It translates to “warrior” in the Haitian Creole language, and “Eldronian” derives from the word Eldron, which is from the fictitious planet where our hero hails from.

 Q) What kind of research did you do for your book?

As a person who has loved the sci-fi genre growing up, i did minimal research in writing the story. My main research was how to publish the book since this is my first book i’ve written.

 Q) Which of the Characters in your book are your favourites and why?

I think my favorite character would have to be Frank. The reason is because i feel like there is some conspiracy theorist in me somewhere. Throughout the story Frank has to deal between his day job as an agent and finding a way to be honest with the public.

 Q) How did you formulate this character? Is it based on someone you know?

The character is not based on anyone i know, but someone who I wouldn’t mine knowing – a true patriot of the people.

Q) Every Author has a distinct writing style. How would you describe your style and how do you think you came to form it?

I have a screenwriter writing style.  Since I’m a filmmaker by trait, I envision each section of the book as I’m watching a film.

Q) How long have you been working on this book and what inspired you to write it?

The story was first written in 2006, but it was first a screenplay. After shelving it for some years, i decided to convert it into book when I discovered the potential of self-publishing. I published the book in order to try and gain an audience base for the story before I try again in making the actual film.

 Q) When did you start writing and when did you realize you want to become an Author?

I began my writing endeavor when I was still in high school, and wrote my first story on brother wordprocessor typewriter. However, my goal was to become a film director so I have focused more writing screenplays. Now after completing my first book, I think I could continue to write books in addition to my screenplays.

 Q) Who are some of the Authors you like and how do you think their work inspired you?

I like John Scalzi, Dan Brown, and Stephen King. Each one of these authors inspired me in several different ways, but most importantly they have made me more interested in making more sci-fi work.

 Q) What do you think is the most difficult part about writing and publishing a novel?

I think the most difficult part of writing is the rewriting because it is a long and tedious process. In the publishing aspect, I have found that self-publishing is extremely difficult especially when you have to self promote and market yourself without having any funds.

 Q) What is some advice you will like to give to people trying to write and get their stories published?

I would advise them to keep writing, and while they write your awesome stories they should try and save some promoting and marketing funds in case they have to go the self-publishing route.

 Q) Tell us something about what you are working on or about some of your future projects.

Right now I am trying to produce and secure financing for one of my independent feature length film, which is a crime/drama called “Fallen Brother”.

 Q) From amongst all the novels ever published if you had to write any one, which one would it be and why?

I think it would have to be “Old Man’s War” by John Scalzi.  I like Mr. Scalzi’s writing style and i enjoyed reading the world he created with Old Man’s War.

 Q) If you had to convince someone to read your book in 5 lines what would they be?

The Eldronian Gèrye is a fast pace kinetic science fiction tale that asks the question: are we helpless bystanders to foreordained fate, or are we sovereigns of our destiny?


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