Today we speak to Sybil Powell. 

Sybil PowellQ) Tell us something about yourself.

I’m Sybil Powell, wife, mother, friend, entrepreneur, traveler and now an author of books which reflect many of those life experiences.
I spent most of my childhood in a seaside resort town on the south coast of my native England. Eastbourne was a wonderful place to grow up, but sheltered just enough to make me want to go out and spread my wings and see what the rest of the world had to offer! That adventure started after I married a wonderful, young serviceman. After settling into life in the forces, we moved to Germany where we lived for a couple of years. On returning to England and civilian life, we settled in the north where I found work in the more heavily industrialized world of Yorkshire. Very different from the life I had known in a seaside resort!
I loved living in and learning about the lifestyles in different parts of England, but my education really expanded when we moved half the world away to Saudi Arabia. The contrast between the coastal mountain areas and the inland, desert cities along with the rich culture and traditions going back literally thousands of years, is something which has affected my life and my writing ever since.
Eventually we bid ‘Adieu’ to those exotic, arid lands and returned to the UK. Back home again, I started my own business—a secretarial agency which provided companies with the then-fledgling service of a virtual assistant.
We’ve now moved again and this time to Wales, where I’ve settled into my writing career, and very happily draw on my many experiences both at home and abroad. Because those experiences have been so diverse, my books tend to be very different from each other and stand on their own- in plot, characters, culture and background.

Q) Tell us about your latest book. Why do you think the readers will like it?

This is my second book a complete break from my first and an experiment in a more erotic style it is based on a study my workmates when I was in industry in Yorkshire. Naturally it is not based on any particular people but rather a compound of events together with a lot of imagination and a possible outcome given the circumstances. I hope it will be liked as it addresses a real issue of a mentally war damaged ex-soldier, a naive woman and how she is exploited. It is intended to stir mixed emotions.

 Q) How did you come up with the title of the book?

The title ‘Seducing Judi’ simply reflects the story.

Q) What kind of research did you do for your book?

I believe in basing my books on my life experiences and observation, that is not to say I have experienced everything in the story myself but have observed the life of others and used it as a starting point.

 Q) Which of the Characters in your book are your favourites and why?

I have no particular favourite though some are more attractive than others. I have tried to explain their differing viewpoints and the reasons for their actions in both a physical and mental way.

Q) How did you formulate this character? Is it based on someone you know?

I always formulate my characters by letting develop themselves, during the writing process they tend to develop into real people. I live with them knowing how they will react to problems. This often means a rewrite of earlier passages when later situations conflict with them.

 Q) Every Author has a distinct writing style. How would you describe your style and how do you think you came to form it?

I have no idea how my writing style developed, I enjoy writing and to study life if I have a writing style it comes from that. I try to make it simple, entertaining and addictive. I always feel happy when readers say I couldn’t put it down.

 Q) How long have you been working on this book and what inspired you to write it? 

It takes me roughly five to six months to have a book from inception to ready for publication.

 Q) When did you start writing and when did you realize you want to become an Author?

I wrote my first book in 1978 and published it in 2011, after the publication of ‘Inshallah’ I found that I enjoyed the process. Then I wrote ‘Seducing Judi’ since and now I have started to write a trilogy under the title of the Evergreen series

Q) Who are some of the Authors you like and how do you think their work inspired you?

I tend to like clean romantic authors.

 Q) What do you think is the most difficult part about writing and publishing a novel?

It may seem trite to say it that I find little difficulty in writing but it does require a lot of rewriting, consideration and careful editing.

 Q) What is some advice you will like to give to people trying to write and get their stories published?

I can only advise what I do myself, think of a situation familiar to you, develop a few characters and let them loose. You will soon know what they will and can do also what they can’t do. You will probably have to face their problems and successes with them but you will find a book will develop from this process. Publication these days is easy for the self publishing author.

 Q) Tell us something about what you are working on or about some of your future projects.

I have already mentioned my current project the Evergreen series, so far I have written and published ‘Evergreen Girl’ and ‘Evergreen Woman’ and at the moment writing the third and final book in the series ‘After Evergreen’. They follow the life of a woman from an unwanted childhood to the height of success and back to an extraordinary married life.

Q) From amongst all the novels ever published if you had to write any one, which one would it be and why?

That is a very difficult question, perhaps I would choose Nevil Shute’s ‘Landfall’ because it has all the elements I like in a book and a happy ending.

 Q) If you had to convince someone to read your book in 5 lines what would they be?

 It is the story of Judy Sheriden a middle class naive wife and a war damaged ex-soldier who seduces her. The action is set in a factory and in the home of the wife whose husband is frequently absent. It shows the sexual development of their relationship and the changing dominance of the partners until in the end it explodes in their faces.


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