Revenge Wears PradaTitle : Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns

Author : Lauren Weisberger

ISBN-10 : 1439136637

ISBN-13 : 978-1439136638

Paperback : 433 pages

The Plot :

Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns by Lauren Weisberger is a sequel to her best seller The Devil Wears Prada. This book starts 10 years after where the previous one ended. For those who didn’t read the previous book or see the movie, it was the story of Andrea Sachs, a fresh graduate looking for a job in publishing. She meets the much feared Miranda Priestley, the editor in chief of Runway, a high end fashion magazine, who makes her life a living hell with her outrageous requests.

We see Andy trying to make sense of the fashion magazine world that she finds frivolous. The only reason she sticks around is because it is well established fact that a single recommendation from Miranda would guarantee Andy her dream job. Just one year with Miranda doesn’t seem that bad to her but all that changes from day one of working for her.

Losing her identity and mirroring Miranda in her behaviour and attitude towards using people for personal gain, Andy is pushed to the limit in her relationships with people around her. Finally she decides to take a stand for herself and drops the F bomb on Miranda and lands up getting fired and starting afresh. Here ends the previous book at a hopeful note.

In Revenge Wears Prada, we meet Andy 10 years after she was fired from Runway. In the 10 years, she has managed to start her own magazine called ‘The Plunge’, with Emily Charlton, a co-worker from her Runway days and now best friend. Both Andy and Emily suffer from nightmares from their Runway days, working for Miranda and this gives them a common topic to bond over. Emily is now married and Andy is engaged soon to be married as well.

On her wedding day Andy, wakes up with a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach that Miranda Priestly is back in her life.  Truly enough, Emily and Andy get an offer from the publishers of Runway, to buy their magazine. The offer is unbelievably good but comes with one catch. They both have to work under Miranda for a year during the transition phase. Emily is all too happy to go back to working for Miranda but Andy is adamant she won’t go back. With everyone around her convincing her to take the leap and sell to Miranda, Andy starts alienating all the people around her.

I was excited to read this book just to see what more ridiculous things Miranda Priestly has in mind for Andy and Emily but sadly in this book we see very little of her. The bubbly and likable character of Andy seems spoilt and ungrateful. Emily is still as entertaining. We also see the charming side of Miranda Priestly, which was a fresh perspective. The book ends with a predictably happy end for everyone. Over all I wasn’t very happy with the book. It did not live upto my expectations. It is a fast read like the previous book but the story seemed a little tired.


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