Gone GirlTitle : Gone Girl

Author : Gillian Flynn

ISBN-10: 0753827662

ISBN-13 : 978-0753827666

Paperback : 432 pages

The Plot :

Gillian Flynn is the Author of ‘Gone Girl’, which is a thriller about a married couple Amy and Nick Dunne. It is narrated in a he-said she-said format with alternating chapters in the voice of its main characters Nick and Amy. The story begins with Amy disappearing on the couples 5th wedding anniversary. They had just had a big fight the previous night and Amy disappears the next morning. Nick narrates what’s going on in the present tense while we hear from Amy through her diary that she kept from before she got married to Nick.

As the book progresses, you find out that Nick looks pretty guilty, with his lies to the investigating cops, fights with Amy and secret affair with one of his younger students. Amy on the other hand seems like a perfect ‘cool wife’ who loves her husband despite the way he treats her. Their marriage is floundering due to various reasons and is on the verge of breaking up when Amy suddenly disappears. There appear to be signs of a struggle and a big cover-up that the police discover.

Increasingly all the evidence points to Nick and he becomes the prime suspect in the case. Different facts like his increasing her life insurance just a few weeks before her disappearance, his depending on her money totally and unaccountability at times in his schedule all point to the fact that Nick is guilty. Just when you are convinced he is guilty the story takes a twist and you learn that there are two sides to every story.

The book is well written and keeps you guessing till the very end. You are unsure who to support and just when you think you have made up your mind the story takes such a swift turn and leaves you fumbled all over again. Unputdownably good, Gone Girl is a beautifully dark book that keeps you at the edge of your seat till the last word. Over all I loved this book and highly recommend it.


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