Chelsea Chelsea Bang BangTitle : Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

Author : Chelsea Handler

ISBN-10: 0446552437

ISBN-13 : 978-0446552448

Paperback : 256 pages

The Plot :

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang is the third book by comedienne and late night E! TV show Chelsea Lately host Chelsea Handler. It is a collection of funny stories and essays from her life. Similar to her other books, it is just a collection of funny incidents that occurred in her life. The book includes the following stories:

1)    The Feeling – This is a story of how Chelsea got in touch with herself (quite literally).

2)    When Life Hands You Lemons, Squeeze Them Into Your Vodka – An account of how Chelsea manages to get a Cabbage Patch Kid, in order to fit in better with her peers.

3)    Grey Gardens – Even Chelsea Handler feels the blues.

4)    Dudley – This one is how the prank that Chelsea played on her then boyfriend, Ted, came to be.

5)    Wedding Chopper – Chelsea and Ted are invited to a wedding with her friends but Ted has other plans.

6)    Water Olympics – After consuming some mushrooms with her brother, Chelsea goes on a rescue mission.

7)    Black – On – Black Crime – Chelsea and her gang of crazies take vacation in Turks and Caicos.

8)    Dear Asshole – Chelsea’s Dad rents out his less than desirable property in Martha’s Vineyards.

9)    The Suspect – Email exchanges between Chelsea and her siblings while trying to convince their dad to sell his decrepit house in Martha’s Vineyard.

10) Chunk – Chelsea rescues a dog and names him Chunk.

11) Deep Thoughts By Chelsea Handler – A collection of open ended lies that Chelsea Handler told the people around her.

Over all it is a funny book that you can enjoy only if you keep your brains aside. It is a short read and sometimes you just need a little splash of stupidity in your life. I enjoyed the 4 or so hours it took me to read the book. Although this one was not as good as her first two books I still would recommend it to people looking for a little silliness in their lives. Trademarked with Chelsea Handler’s dry sense of humour and witty comebacks it makes for a truly fun read.


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