ImageTitle : Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea

Author : Chelsea Handler

ISBN-10: 1416596364

ISBN-13 : 978-1416596363

Paperback : 272 pages

The Plot :

The second book by E! TV show Chelsea Lately host Chelsea Handler, is yet another collection of essays and funny stories about her life.

1)    Blacklisted: In third grade, in order to avoid being bullied and made fun of at school, Chelsea concocts a story that she is in negotiations with Goldie Hawn to play her daughter in the sequel to Private Benjamin. Soon the lies escalate and Chelsea has to find a way out without being blacklisted at school. 

2)    Chelsea In Charge: During a vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, Chelsea pretends to be 16 years old in order, when she is actually 12, to be able to babysit to make some money. After completing some very successful stints as a baby sitter, she is called upon to babysit someone 2 years older than her actual age. Chelsea now needs to do her best to pretend to be 16 and manage this ultra-hyper 14 year old.

3)    Prison Break: Chelsea is arrested for a DUI and spends the night in jail.

4)    Bladder Stones: Chelsea’s father is happily conning people via his used cars company and her books.

5)    Big Red: Chelsea dates a red head.

6)    Dining In The Dark: Chelsea and her friend try out a new restraint where they have to eat in pitch darkness.

7)    Dim Sum And Then Some: Chelsea and her friend wander into a sketchy part of town looking for a massage and get the most awful service of their life.

8)    Barking Up The Wrong Tree: Chelsea dog sits for her friends.

9)    Re-Gift: Chelsea gets invited to the birthday of a person she barely knows and decides to re-gift an old board game.

10) Jumped: Chelsea gets into a fight.

11) Mini Me: Chelsea meets her match in a smaller package.

12) Costa Rica: Chelsea takes a vacation with her dad.

Similar to her previous books, this one is just as funny. It makes for a good read on a lazy afternoon. I liked its quick pace and hilariously narrated incidents. It is nothing great yet makes for a fun read!


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