My PointTitle : My Point… And I Do Have One

Author : Ellen DeGeneres

ISBN-10: 0553384228

ISBN-13 : 978-0553384222

Paperback : 224 pages

The Plot :

My Point… And I Do have One is the first book by comedienne Ellen DeGeneres. It is a collection of her hilarious take on multiple topics. It contains short chapters on various topics from her childhood or what people remember of it, things to do if you are stuck in an elevator, how to make her famous Frenchy French toast etc.

Overall it is a funny book that you might pick up if you are looking for a couple of laughs. My favourite chapter has to be ‘Letter to My Friend’ where Ellen explains the bizarre things that she has done at a party including giving a totally inappropriate gift as well as shaving the host’s dog etc. It is just a hilarious take on daily life and I read it when I was bored. It helped the situation and so it achieved its goal. It is a onetime read, nothing great, yet made me laugh when I need it.


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