ImageTitle : The Husband’s Secret

Author : Liane Moriarty

ISBN-10: 1594137226

ISBN-13 : 978-1594137228

Paperback : 634 pages

The Plot :

The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty is the story of three women whose lives are intertwined and they don’t even know it. Set in Australia, Melbourne and mainly Sydney, the book revolves around Cecilia, Rachel and Tess.

Cecilia has it all, a successful career, a handsome husband and three beautiful daughters. It seems like the perfect life set in Sydney when it is changed forever with the discovery of a letter written by her husband.

Rachel is widow who had two children but her daughter was brutally murdered many years ago. Now she only lives for her grandson but her son and daughter-in-law are all set to move across the world and plan to take Rachel’s grandson with them. Alone in Sydney, she is still haunted by memories of her daughter.

Tess, her husband Will and cousin Felicity have started their own business in Melbourne and seem to be a perfect family unit. Tess and Will have a son who is the centre of their world. Felicity and Tess are the best of friends until Will and Felicity reveal that they are in love. Unable to fathom the news and its repercussions Tess takes her son and moves in with her mother in Sydney.

Cecilia discovers a letter from her husband which is to be read only in case he dies. She is sure it harbours a very important secret that her husband is trying to hide. All the while he tries to make it sound trivial but his behaviour says the contrary. Finally she opens the letter and it sets in motion a chain of events that will change the lives of the three women forever.

Although the secret in the letter is very predictable, the story is constructed very well. The revealing of the secret in the letter is important to the story but the repercussions of it all is what the book is mainly about. The characters are so real and the readers’ opinion about them is constantly changing with new events occurring. Overall it makes for an interesting read. It is very well written and keeps you interested in the story right until the end. That in my opinion makes for a good book.


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