Bookworm LogoFor our one hundredth post we decided to do something different.

Here is a list of 15 new words that we came up with that should, but don’t exist. Each of them sums up an emotion or act that a bookworm most definitely experiences at least once in their life.

1) Ripmorse – The guilt you feel when you accidentally tear part of a book.

2) Read-Job – The act of reading your favourite passage to someone to entice them to read the full book.

3) Readgret – When you finally get the books you have been waiting for a long time and then you don’t like it as much.

4) Readanesia – A word for not remembering whether something happened to you or you read it in a book.

5) Biblioitis – A word for the condition one suffers from when they keep saying ‘The book was better’ every time they see a movie adaptation of a book.

6) Biblirage – The despair you feel when someone spoils a book’s ending for you.

7) Reanter – A word for laughing in public because of something you’ve just read.

8) Bookship – The feeling of a close kinship with an author that makes you feel they’re writing just for you.

9) Readsnality – A word to describe a person’s reading habits.

10) Biblimiration – A word for the kind of crush that develops on a person after seeing what they’re reading.

11) Booksonate – A word for being so engrossed in a book that you begin thinking and speaking like its characters.

12) Biblishock – A word for the creeping horror you feel when someone informs you that they never read for pleasure.

13) Biblipile – A word for owning more books than you technically have space for.

14) Worderment – A word for reading a phrase in a book and needing to pause and just bask in its beauty for a moment.

15) Bibliotigue – The next-day tiredness you experience from staying up all night reading.

Loosely based on the Buzzfeed blog : 23 Words for Book Lovers That Really Should Exist