TVLTitle : The Virgin’s Lover

Author : Philippa Gregory

ISBN-10 :  0743256158

ISBN-13 : 978-0743256155

Paperback : 448 pages

The Plot :

From the author of The Other Boleyn Girl and The Queen’s Fool comes a stunning portrait of the first perilous years of Elizabeth I’s reign.

As a new queen, Elizabeth faces two great dangers: the French invasion of Scotland, which threatens to put Mary Queen of Scots on her throne, and her passion for the convicted traitor Robert Dudley. But Dudley is already married, and his devoted wife Amy will never give him up, but she cannot prevent him from becoming the favourite and the focus of the feverish plotting, pleasure-seeking court.

Blending historical fact with contemporary rumour, Philippa Gregory has created a dark and tense novel of Tudor times which casts Elizabeth I in a light that no-one has suggested before. Passionate, fearful, emotionally needy, this is a queen who will stop at nothing.

Review :

The fifth book in the Tudor court series, The Virgin’s Lover sheds a very different light on Elizabeth I. Personally when I think of Elizabeth I, I think of a confident queen who has decided never to marry and rules a kingdom alone. Her reign is known as the golden age. But here, Philippa Gregory shows you the other side of her. She shows her as a young regent who has just inherited the throne and the crown is shaky on her head. It shows her insecurities and fears, her wants and needs.

As beautifully written as any of her previous books in this series, The Virgin’s Lover is mesmerizing and action packed. It gives a beautiful look into a long gone era. A definite must read for any fan of historical fiction.

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