The Tudor RoseTitle : The Tudor Rose

Author : Margaret Campbell Barnes

ISBN-10 :  1402224680

ISBN-13 : 978-1402224683

Paperback : 336 pages

The Plot :

Her choices will decide the fate of a kingdom.

The untimely death of King Edward IV throws England into a tempest of treachery. Elizabeth of York, the king’s oldest daughter, watches helplessly as her uncle Richard imprisons her two brothers – the would-be kings- in the Tower, never to be seen again. The mystery of what happened to the two princes rattles England, and King Richard III knows that the best claim to the throne lies with Elizabeth. Faced with the prospect of marrying a murderer, Elizabeth clings to the hope that exiled knight Henry Tudor can force a battle, avenge her brothers, and win her hand – and her kingdom.

The marriage of Henry and Elizabeth brings together the red rose of Lancaster and the white rose of York, producing a thornless Tudor rose. But the prospect that one of the doomed princes still lives haunts their lives, casting doubt on Henry VII’s crown. Elizabeth is torn between the ghost of a brother she can’t forget and the son whose reign will change the face of England.

Review :

Beautifully written, The Tudor Rose tells the story of Elizabeth of York, a strong Queen who birthed a dynasty and forever changed the face of England.

What I loved about the book is the characterization of Elizabeth of York. Despite being the only legitimate heir to the throne, Elizabeth has little power, for England is not ready to crown a woman as their monarch. Constantly fighting plots against her family by other member of her family, she brings together the Lancaster and the York roses and ends the feud between the cousins constantly fighting each other. She holds on to her hope that her brothers are still alive yet she knows that if they are alive it would mean her husband and sons’ claim to the throne would be lost. The quandary that she faces is beautifully described. A definite must read for any historical fiction lover.

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