The Other QueenTitle : The Other Queen

Author : Philippa Gregory

ISBN-10 :  1416549129

ISBN-13 : 978-1416549123

Paperback : 448 pages

The Plot :

Fleeing violent rebellions in Scotland, Mary looks to Queen Elizabeth of England for sanctuary. Though promised protection, Mary, perceived as a serious threat to the English crown, is soon imprisoned by her former friend as a “guest” in the house of George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, and his indomitable wife, Bess of Hardwick. The newly married couple welcomes the condemned queen into their home certain that serving as her hosts and jailers will bring them an advantage in the cutthroat world of the Elizabethan court.

To their horror, they grow to realize that the task will bankrupt their estate and lose them what little favour they’ve managed to gain as their home becomes the epicentre of intrigue and rebellion against Queen Elizabeth. And Mary is not as hopeless as she appears, manipulating the earl and spinning her own web of treachery and deceit, as she sharpens her weapons to reclaim her Scottish throne—and to take over Queen Elizabeth’s of England.

Review :

Told from the alternating perspectives of Mary Queen of Scots, George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, and his wife, Bess of Hardwick, this is sixth and last book in the Tudor Court Series by Philippa Gregory. Like the other books in the series, this one is beautifully written, giving a rare glimpse into the Elizabethan court.

The characters are mesmerizing and the plots are rich. What I loved about this book was the three different perspectives of looking at the same incident. The author beautifully juxtaposes the different ways of looking at a situation that is tainted by loyalties and personal gain. A definite must read. It leaves you craving for more.

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