thepictureofdoriangrayTitle: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Author: Oscar Wilde

ISBN-10:  1515190994

ISBN-13: 978-1515190998

Paperback: 140 pages

The Plot:

At eighteen, the handsome Dorian Gray has his portrait painted, which prompts an admirer, Lord Henry Wotton, to declare that life is nothing without beauty and sensuous gratification.

Suddenly scared of growing old and ugly, Dorian makes the fateful wish that the painted image should age rather than himself. Then – fearless of the consequences – he launches on a life of excess and depravity.

Wilde’s cautionary tale, published in 1891, describes how every sin that Dorian commits is reflected in the portrait. The painting is banished to his attic, where the image finally becomes so loathsome that Dorian tries to destroy it.


The Picture of Dorian Gray is written by Oscar Wilde. Need I say more? I found the concept of the book intriguing and that is what made me pick up this book initially. I enjoyed the character of Henry Wotton and his sense of humor the most. The end was not something I was expecting but made the read even better.

What I loved about the book is right from the get go it is witty and charming and makes you take some time out and think. Every line is like poetry. Some sections were so beautiful that I kept re-reading them and marveling at the language. Overall I loved it and it has become one of my favourite books and so I highly recommend it!


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