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Who am I?

Bookworm LogoThe fact is that I love to read books. Since I was a kid I have always seen my parents read a lot and somewhere it stuck with me. I started working recently and my job is very demanding so I don’t get too much time to read. I manage to read on my commute to and from work (40 mins each way) and on the week ends. I pick the books based on the recommendations from people I know and once I like an author I will ready anything they write. In short I enjoy reading and getting lost in the plot and the characters, and I guess any other details about me are irrelevant.

What Kind Of Books Do I Read?

Well I’ll give pretty much anything a shot. I am mostly a fiction reader. I enjoy fast paced reads like murder mysteries and such. I also read the occasional classic. If there is a movie based on a book coming out soon, I try to read the book before watching the movie. That way I feel I can let my imagination run with the book and see a very different aspect of the story unfold in the movie.

You will find that I read a lot of American writing, with a dash of Indian authors. I read these based on recommendations from my friends, family and connections on Facebook. In terms of the titles I read, you will find a range from Dan Brown and Sidney Sheldon to Mark Twain and Shakespeare. I like to read something that gets my attention from the very beginning. Fast paced plots are more my fancy. That’s not to say I don’t occasionally read the slower books.

How This Works?

To me, one of the most amazing feeling is when I finish a book and get to discuss it with my friends immediately. I wanted to expand the group of people who I discuss these books with and to that end I started this blog. Please feel free to comment and share my posts. Any reading recommendations are most welcome. Another reason why I started this blog is because my friends are constantly asking me about the titles that I read. This is a way to keep that going.

One thing I need to mention is that anything I post here is my point of view. I don’t expect you to agree with anything I say. I look forward to a healthy conversation not a heated argument.


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